Corporate services

No.8 Farm Tours works with organisations across many industries.  We can provide custom made farm tours for your corporate clients or provide you with fun and innovative team building exercises for your own team.

Corporate hosting

If you have international corporates visiting New Zealand we can look after them for a day out – either join our half day tour that departs daily or we can tailor-make a farm tour that will suit your clients farming interests.

Team building and personal development

Consider No.8 farm Tours for team building days.  A lot of fun and personal development can be achieved by spending a day on a farm.  Challenges and tasks have been designed with a hands on approach that will provide insights into your team’s dynamics and provide motivation to individuals.

Team building ideas - split your team into groups and complete to win some of the following challenges:

  • Counting sheep – a mob of sheep will be sent through the yards and teams will have to count the number of sheep – the closest to the true number wins. 
  • Mustering sheep - one person is nominated to act as the farmer while the team-mates act as dogs.

Skills building – each team member will have to choose an activity that they feel would most challenge themselves, e.g.

  •  Fencing
  • Horse riding
  • Sheep shearing

General fun – to lighten the atmosphere we have some of the following activities, e.g:

  • Sheep drenching relay
  • Drafting relay
  • Orienteering

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

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